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I Think, I Feel, I Am Cards is a therapeutic card-deck of 50 cards created for children, adolescents, and adults. The cards provide visually stunning statements to encourage conversation and clarity for clients and students of all ages.

 Come take a look!

Cards Uses

I Think, I Feel, I Am cards are a versatile addition to any practice. Therapists, speech pathologists, pediatricians, and school counselors can all benefit from the dialogue that the cards generate. They stimulate conversation and make it easier and more comfortable for children and adolescents to communicate difficult or confusing feelings and thoughts.


Eating disorder specialists and nutritionists especially appreciate the Body Feeling cards to help their clients become attuned to their bodies in relation to the emotions they are experiencing. Autism specialists can take advantage of the creative visual statements that their particular clients crave as well as help with idioms.



About the Cards

I Think, I Feel, I Am cards are a specially designed therapeutic tool for practitioners working with children or adults. The statements on the cards allow both the client and the therapist to hone in on beliefs and feelings that best resonate for the client. The illustrations were selectively chosen for their emotional impact and unique perspectives.



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